PERILS offers two main products: «PERILS Industry Exposure & Loss Database» and «PERILS Industry Loss Index Service».


Our main products

Industry  Exposure And  Loss  Database

Industry Exposure and Loss Database

The PERILS Industry Exposure & Loss Database is based on data directly collected from insurance companies writing property business in the covered territories. The database provides significant value for its users.

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Property  Industry  Loss  Index  Service

Industry Loss Index Service

The PERILS Industry Loss Index Service allows the use of PERILS industry loss estimates as triggers in Insurance Linked Securities (ILS), Industry Loss Warranty contracts (ILW) or insurance risk derivatives.

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Other products

Cyber Industry Loss Reporting Service

The Cyber Industry Loss Reporting Service reports US primary cyber market losses resulting from cyber incidents.

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“Wind-Jeannie“ is designed to help insurance companies prepare for large windstorm events by providing information on the expected magnitude and geographical extent of an event loss in advance of it occurring.

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Satellite Flood Footprint

Large flood events can have a significant impact on the insurance industry. However, during and in the immediate aftermath of such large events, the extent of the flood losses are often unknown and a reliable…

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