These Data Privacy and Security provisions apply solely to the use of the publicly available website and not to Licensee’s or Authorized Users’ access to PERILS exposure and loss data. Data that is provided to us by you will be gathered, collected, processed and used in compliance with Swiss law. Our employees will treat confidentially the personal information you give us when you visit the PERILS Site.

1. Personal Data

Personal data are individual items of information about the personal or material circumstances of a specified or specifiable natural or legal person. This will generally include information such as your name, address, date of birth, occupation and bank but may also include other more sensitive information, such as data concerning a person’s profession or office.

2. Collection and Use of Personal Data

The fact that you have accessed this Site will be recorded by PERILS. This will not be linked with any personal data. We record the name of your Internet service provider, the site from where you came to this Site, the pages of this Site that you visit and the date and duration of your access.

The resulting anonymous data will be used by PERILS for statistical purposes only. A user profile may be created, using a pseudonym. Cookies can be used for this purpose.

When we ask you to input information about yourself, the data is transferred in encrypted form over the Internet using 128-bit SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layers), an internationally recognized security standard.

We use your personal data only for the purposes for which you provided them.

3. Cookies

Cookies work with data that are saved in the Internet Browser of the visitor to the site. Any data that is collected in this way will be stored anonymously and used for statistical purposes only. PERILS may store cookies on your hard drive. They contain a unique number that has no meaning outside the Site. You can refuse the cookies, but you may not be able to view all the information available in some parts of the Site.

4. Security and Confidentiality of Personal Data

We have used our best efforts to apply the necessary technical and organizational means to ensure that your personal information is handled with a high level of security and PERILS Ltd's network and computers are protected by security systems against unauthorized access. In addition all accesses and attempted accesses are recorded, as a protective security measure.

Your data will not be shared with unauthorized third parties or sent out of Switzerland unless you give your consent, except in cases specified by law.

5. Questions about Data Privacy

If you have questions about how your personal information is being handled, please contact us.