Loss Announcement:

Zurich - 21 Apr 2022

PERILS informs about loss reporting for extratropical windstorm “Hendrik-Ignatz” which occurred from 20 to 21 October 2021

Due to the modest loss level of EUR 311m, as released by PERILS in its first loss report, PERILS has not carried out a new round of data collection for extratropical windstorm Henrik-Ignatz. PERILS will issue its final loss estimate for this event on 29 July 2022, together with loss data for extratropical windstorm Nadia (Malik).

European windstorm Hendrik-Ignatz, also known as Aurore, affected north-western and central Europe from 20 to 21 October 2021. The majority of the losses occurred in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. PERILS’ current estimate of the insured market loss from the storm is EUR 311 million.