Loss Announcement:

PERILS provides update on third loss report for extratropical cyclone Xavier

Zurich - 05 Apr 2018

Given the high number of qualifying extratropical cyclone events which occurred across Europe during the 2017/2018 winter season, and acknowledging the need to keep the workload placed on data-providing companies at an acceptable level, PERILS has taken the decision not to request loss data for the third loss report for Extratropical Windstorm Xavier. 

Instead, PERILS has today provided its subscribers with a modelled loss footprint for Xavier at CRESTA resolution, based on historic vulnerability data and information from the second loss report. 

PERILS will issue its next loss estimate for Xavier on 5 October 2018, twelve months after the event occurred. This will be based on loss data collected from insurance companies at full resolution, i.e. by CRESTA zone and by property line of business.