Loss Announcement:

PERILS discloses second loss estimate for extratropical cyclone Dragi-Eberhard of EUR 798m

Zurich - 07 Jun 2019

PERILS AG has today disclosed its second loss estimate of EUR 798m for windstorm Dragi-Eberhard. This estimate compares to the initial loss estimate of EUR 740m which was issued by PERILS on 18 April 2019.

Dragi-Eberhard affected the British Isles, and Western and Central Europe on 9 and 10 March 2019. The majority of the losses occurred in Belgium, France and Germany.

The third estimate of the market loss for Dragi-Eberhard will be made available on 9 September 2019, six months after the event. The loss information in this and any subsequent reports will be provided by CRESTA Zone and Property lines of business.

Subscribers to the PERILS Industry Exposure & Loss Database can find more information about Dragi-Eberhard in the PERILS Portal under “Industry Loss”.