Loss Announcement:

PERILS discloses fourth and final loss estimate for UK floods “Eva-Frank” of GBP 504m

Zurich - 23 Dec 2016

PERILS AG has today disclosed its fourth and final loss estimate for the UK floods linked to storms Eva and Frank in late December 2015 and other low pressure systems in early January 2016.

The final estimate of the insured property market loss is GBP 504m. This compares to the third loss estimate of GBP 538m which was issued by PERILS on 24 June 2016.

The fourth loss report for the “Eva-Frank” floods once again provides the loss data by CRESTA zone (area code), and broken down by residential and commercial property lines. In addition, it contains three different flood intensity measures for each CRESTA zone.

Subscribers to the PERILS Industry Exposure & Loss Database can access more information on the “Eva-Frank” floods in the “Industry Loss” section of the PERILS Portal.