PERILS aims to improve the availability of insurance market data relating to natural catastrophes to help enhance the industry’s understanding of such risks as well as to facilitate risk transfer based on industry loss indices. 

PERILS' industry data are based on information exclusively received from insurance companies writing business in the territories covered by PERILS. The data provided are quality controlled, anonymized, aggregated, and subsequently extrapolated to industry (or market) level. The resulting industry benchmark data are available to all interested parties via a subscription service.

PERILS offers industry exposure and event loss data and an associated industry loss index service for Australian, European and Turkish natural catastrophes.

PERILS AG was incorporated in January 2009 in Zurich, Switzerland as a joint stock company. The company registration number is CH- The principal office of PERILS is located in Zurich, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. The original concept for PERILS was tabled during a series of discussions at the Chief Risk Officer Forum (

Shareholders of PERILS AG include: Allianz SE, AXA, Assicurazioni Generali, Groupama, Guy Carpenter, Insurance Australia Group, Munich Re, Partner Re, Swiss Re, and Zurich Insurance Group. Each shareholder holds equal equity. 

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Team Perils M

Our Mandate

PERILS is an independent organization providing high-quality data relevant to the insurance industry with the aim of increasing the understanding of insured risk and to facilitate risk transfer.

We make every effort to achieve the highest standards in both our products and services, and are committed to product innovation to ensure that PERILS is continually adding value to the global insurance industry.

Target Clients

PERILS’ products support a wide range of portfolio and risk management functions including:

  • measuring a company’s exposure or event loss data against the PERILS industry benchmark
  • assessing the risk of industry loss-based transactions
  • designing adequate insurance, reinsurance, retrocession, or capital markets protections
  • designing custom-made coverage triggers to minimize the basis risk of ILS or ILW protections
  • forecasting of losses from European windstorm events

These products are designed to be relevant to insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, modelers, ILS/ILW investment funds, claims managers, regulators, rating agencies, academic institutions and other related organizations and bodies.

Board of Directors

Martin Bisping, Chairman
Marc Bagarry, Director
Ewoud Bom, Director
Christopher Boss, Director
Andrea Carlesi, Director
Christof Grass, Director
Luzi Hitz, Director and CEO of PERILS
Luc de Lignières, Director
Sibylle Steimen, Director
Eddy Vanbeneden, Director


Luzi Hitz

Luzi Hitz


Luzi Hitz has more than 25 years of experience in the reinsurance industry. He has held various risk management and underwriting positions at Swiss Re..., Glacier Re and Asia Capital Re. Throughout his career, Luzi has been involved in natural catastrophe risk assessment and Cat risk management and has authored numerous papers and speeches about the subject. He holds a Master’s degree in geology and a PhD in geophysics.

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Georg Andrea

Georg Andrea

Data Management

Georg Andrea has more than 25 years of professional experience in the reinsurance industry. Georg’s areas of expertise are underwriting, enterprise ex...posure management and probabilistic Nat Cat model development. Prior to joining PERILS he worked for Partner Re heading the exposure control team and from 1999 to 2005 he was responsible for the development of Partner Re’s proprietary earthquake risk analysis tool. In this role he assisted in pricing and designing parametric EQ covers. Georg holds an in geophysics from ETH Zürich where he specialized in seismology.

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Edina Gallos

Edina Gallos


Edina Gallos has over a decade of professional experience in design and communication. Following her training as a multimedia producer at the School o...f Audio Engineering (Zurich), she has worked in a variety of disciplines such as digital arts, graphics and web design for both printed and electronic media, specializing in corporate communications.

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Eduard Held

Eduard Held


Over the last 25 years, Eduard (Edi) Held has worked in finance, natural catastrophe risk assessment and model development. Prior to joining PERILS, E...di was CFO for Swiss Re in Asia. During his professional career, Edi has authored numerous speeches and papers on natural catastrophe risk assessment. Edi has a Master’s degree in mathematics and a PhD in atmospheric sciences from ETH Zurich.

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Feten Mollinier

Feten Mollinier


Feten Mollinier has more than 15 years of experience in the re/insurance industry. During her professional career, she has worked in underwriting, fin...ance and business administration in both the life and non-life sectors. Prior to joining PERILS, Feten worked for Euler Hermes Re as a senior reinsurance underwriter in the credit insurance sector focusing on a number of different regions. She has also worked for Hannover Re and Partner Re. She holds a diploma in reinsurance business administration.

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Darryl Pidcock

Darryl Pidcock

Head of PERILS Asia-Pacific

Darryl Pidcock has more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector. After working in the banking industry for eight years, he entered the rei...nsurance sector in 1999, joining Swiss Re Australia as a credit specialist and P&C client manager. In 2005, he moved to Hong Kong to head up the Hong Kong and Taiwan P&C and L&H business units. This was followed by his appointment as Head of Swiss Re’s Korea branch in 2010 and Head of Client Management for China in 2013. In 2015, Darryl moved to Singapore to head up the client management team for Swiss Re L&H in Southeast Asia.

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C  Weber

Catherine Weber


Catherine Weber has more than 25 years of professional experience in the reinsurance industry. Catherine has worked for Swiss Re as a property underwr...iter, client relationship manager and communication manager both in Zurich and in Paris. She holds a diploma of the Business School EAD (École d’Administration et de Direction des Affaires, Paris).

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PERILS employs qualified individuals in the field of catastrophe insurance, actuarial sciences, marketing, IT and business administration. If you feel you can add value to our company, please contact us.

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