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Events Investigated

When an event has been classified as a Europe Windstorm, UK Flood, Italy Earthquake or Italy Flood event – and it has the potential to cause in the countries covered by PERILS a property loss of more than EUR 200m (Europe Windstorm, UK Flood) or to have a significant impact on the Italian property insurance industry (Italy Earthquake and Flood) – the event will be investigated to establish whether the insured loss threshold has been exceeded (Status: ‘Under Investigation’).
If the investigation shows that the event will not exceed the loss threshold then PERILS will close the investigation (Status: ‘Non-qualifying Event’).

If the investigation confirms that the event is likely to exceed the threshold, PERILS will capture all relevant data from the event and produce reports in line with the PERILS reporting schedule (Status: ‘Qualifying Event’).
Event Name
Event Start Date
Hermann (Rachel) 14 Jan 2015 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Elon-Felix (Dagmar-Egon, Nina) 08 Jan 2015 Windstorm Qualifying
Alexandra 10 Dec 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Noa (Gonzalo) 21 Oct 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Italy Floods Various - Oct/Nov 2014 Flood Non-qualifying
Ela 07 Jun 2014 Hailstorm Non-qualifying*
Ev 14 Mar 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Ulla 14 Feb 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Tini 12 Feb 2014 Windstorm Qualifiying
UK Floods Various - Jan/Feb 2014 Flood Non-qualifying**
Ruth 08 Feb 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Qumaira 06 Feb 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Petra 04 Feb 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Nadja 31 Jan 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Christina 05 Jan 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Anne 02 Jan 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Gerhard 01 Jan 2014 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Felix 30 Dec 2013 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Erich 26 Dec 2013 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Dirk 23 Dec 2013 Windstorm Qualifying
Bernd 18 Dec 2013 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Xaver (Sinterklaasstorm, Bodil, Sven) 05 Dec 2013 Windstorm Qualifying
Sardinia Flood, Italy 18 Nov 2013 Flood Non-qualifying       
Christian (St Jude, Allan, Simone) 27 Oct 2013 Windstorm Qualifying
Andreas 26 Jul 2013 Hailstorm Non-qualifying*
Emilia-Romagna M5.8 29 May 2012 Earthquake Qualifying
Emilia-Romagna M5.9 20 May 2012 Earthquake Qualifying
UK Floods Various - Jun/Jul 2012 Flood Non-qualifying**
Andrea 04 Jan 2012 Windstorm Qualifying
Ulli (Emil) 03 Jan 2012 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Dagmar (Patrick) 25 Dec 2011 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Joachim 15 Dec 2011 Windstorm Qualifying
Friedhelm 08 Dec 2011 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Berit (Xaver, Yoda) 25 Nov 2011 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Carmen 11 Nov 2010 Windstorm Non-qualifying
Xynthia 28 Feb 2010 Windstorm Qualifying
Klaus 24 Jan 2009 Windstorm Qualifying
*Andreas and Ela were classified as hailstorms by PERILS (hail losses predominate) and are hence not captured.

**No qualifying events when applying prevailing reinsurance event definition.